Holding a cup on a boar, Exhibition with Lisa Radon, at RONGWRONG (Amsterdam). May 28, 2016 - June 15, 2016.

Snowballs and spirals.

This is to say, we misunderstood your monument.

A weaving of hair and a clay ball are presented

on a stair.

Quick and delicate

Things are moving.

Look, here comes a future slant anthropology.

Pretending to be an engine.

Out of dust, a neologism.

As small as their mouths.

A venerable cup on a boar.

All possible states in a system.

The tender(s).

This exhibition was made possible through an invitation from Emily Henderson, an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA), a Project Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and kind-hearted support from Flint Jamison, Susan Cianciolo, Liam Drain, Melanie Flood, Kristan Kennedy and Stephanie Snyder.


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